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October 28, 2010

Mono print background

for my Portfolio
another Mono -print background
please see previous posts for Tutorial
on how i do these
I did add some texture with
Deco Art -Amercana crackle medium
on a stencil i made from a die cut .

October 25, 2010


I have 23 followers !!!!
how lucky is that
Thankyou so much everyone!!!
Also love LOVE your kind comments
THANKYOU so so much

Artist Portfolio

Back and sides

Front of Portfolio

A new circle group has started.
We are swapping background papers,
all held in this Portfolio that i decorated
with paint and paper.

******* Portfolio Background Tutorial****
1) Gesso all surfaces....DRY
2) Glu bits of Ephemera,( scrap papers,
book pages, Asian
I also reinforced the folds with torn
strip of thin cotton . DRY well.
3) add bits of painted deli wrap,
painted paper towels...
4) color other areas with ink and/or
paint..(.thined with water)
dab some off with a paper towel
to soften.
5) add various marks with paint,
using tools like plastic fork, round
objects, end of pencil.
6) add stamps...text or shapes....dry
7) a few spatters of paint can be added now...

mixed media background

My favorite thing to do is make these
backgrounds to use in my Mixed media art.

**** Mono print Background Tutorial****
I used Rosin Paper for the base.
1) Gesso all surfaces....DRY
2) Glu down bits of Ephemera,( scrap papers,
book pages, Asian stamped images .etc
3) the next step requires a surface to paint on.
a piece of glass or a piece of cardboard,
about the size of a piece of photo - copy paper.
Roll out acrylic paint,on the cardboard.
Place another piece of good sturdy paper
on top of this and rub your hand over the top.
you will now have transferred the paint.
Turn this new painted paper over on top of
your base Rosin paper,immediately rubbing again
with your hand over the painted paper.
You can do this over and over again,
with as many colors as you want,
in whatever areas that you like.
Dry between applications.
I used a lacy stencil on top of this and
dabbed with turquoise paint.
That made those larger spots that you see.
I also added a paper napkin with red roses on it,
and then i painted with red acrylic ,
through bits of sequin waste, in other areas.
The next step i took was to dab some areas
with warm white acrylic to soften.
Finally.... i took some vintage distress ink and
applied to several areas around the outside
of my paper.

October 14, 2010

Acrylic painting

I have wanted to paint this scene for a while.
Finally finished it last weekend.
Its hanging in my rose and turquoise dining room.
(designed by Dorothy Dent.)

Marie Journal pages

He's Taking Me To Paris
These pages are for Lori in her Marie Antoinette journal
(Another of our traveling journals.)

Journal pages HOME

These are for Jen in her "I Dream in Color journal"
(one of our traveling journal groups).
Behind the door...
There is a bird sitting on her nest.

handcrafted flowers

These were made for a swap on Marie mail art
They were fun but i had to wear a respirator while i burned the edges with my heat gun.
smelly !!