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May 29, 2010

Paper Art Doll

I have been busy creating 2 paper dolls.
I hope that you like them....
I sure had some fun making them.
I always enjoy your comments (please)
I have made a short Tutorial in the
posts below....If you make one
Please show me a photo.

art doll tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial
and find it useful.
Look for stamps of body parts
that will go together.
My stamps came from
Character Construction
you can test your "Parts"
by stamping on to copy paper.
Stamp your chosen parts on to card stock
Use permanent ink .
Color them to your liking .
I used water color pencils
and acrylic paints for some.
Cut out your parts
and assemble.
One other thing I did

was to cut away the inside of the skirt
and glued an image behind it.
I also cut the tail part
of the bird ,so that
it was still attached but I could
place it out side of the skirt.....
this gave even more detention
to the skirt ....I did the same with the nest
add the arms and
legs last.
I found that my doll
was not sturdy enough
for me ,so ...I glued everything
on to another piece of card stock.
This also makes the back
look nice and tidy.
Then of course you need
to cut her out again.
I attached her arms
with tiny brads,
however they are glued on
but you can make them
so that they move.
Embellish your creation
to your hearts desire.
The more you can add ,
the more dimensional
it will look.
If you don't have the stamps
You can also draw your own
parts, or use appropriate
images, that you can find in magazines etc/
Try one and please show me photos.
email me with any questions and
Ill do my best to help you
through it!!

May 13, 2010

background paper

YES!!!! this is the roll of
Red Rosin paper
that ....! carried back
(On the plane, from Miami)
It weighs about 8 lbs.
I could not find it
here in Canada.....
You have to understand
that artists get obsessed with
things they cant find!

Its wonderfully strong
and accepts paint and
textures beautifully.
and I had to have it!!!

Some friends have asked me about that turquoise
paper on my journal pages and how I made it.
I did some yesterday and here are my results.
Originally I used card stock , for my base.
But here Ive used Red Rosin paper.
!) Gesso your paper and set it to dry....

2) I then glued stripes of Ledger paper,
I have also used phone book pages, etc

3) Take a clean foam meat tray
Roll turquoise paint over the bottom of the tray.
Flip it over on to the Rosin paper and rub
the backside on to the gessoed paper
making a mono print.
Repeat as many times as you like.
You can also add different colors adding variations
here I used a small amount of shade flesh.

4) from here you can go on to spatter, stamp
add stucco etc for texture

Each piece of paper will turn out different and
Im sure you will be surprised along the way.
Let me know how you do and have FUN!!!!!

May 12, 2010

First plane ride

My internet friend,
Elena...bless her kind heart,
invited 12 of us
to come to Key Largo
for a few days of art.
I was actually terrified!!!!
Id never been on
a huge plane before ,
BUT How could I refuse
a trip like that?

This is the airplane, I flew back
from Miami airport in.

The 12 of us on the
more detailed photos
in next posts

There were Palm trees
Scrambled egg trees

Please look at older posts for many more great photos.

Elena and Bernie , our generous Hosts

Elena and Bernie

Elena's beautiful mixed media collage

Meeting New friends


Valerie ( Michigan)

Eileen (NEW YORK)



Gina and Marita (OREGON)

Linda and Patty (FLORIDA)

Jacquie (FLORIDA)

Elena's friend
who kindly offered her
beach house
that first day
that I arrived.