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May 29, 2010

art doll tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial
and find it useful.
Look for stamps of body parts
that will go together.
My stamps came from
Character Construction
you can test your "Parts"
by stamping on to copy paper.
Stamp your chosen parts on to card stock
Use permanent ink .
Color them to your liking .
I used water color pencils
and acrylic paints for some.
Cut out your parts
and assemble.
One other thing I did

was to cut away the inside of the skirt
and glued an image behind it.
I also cut the tail part
of the bird ,so that
it was still attached but I could
place it out side of the skirt.....
this gave even more detention
to the skirt ....I did the same with the nest
add the arms and
legs last.
I found that my doll
was not sturdy enough
for me ,so ...I glued everything
on to another piece of card stock.
This also makes the back
look nice and tidy.
Then of course you need
to cut her out again.
I attached her arms
with tiny brads,
however they are glued on
but you can make them
so that they move.
Embellish your creation
to your hearts desire.
The more you can add ,
the more dimensional
it will look.
If you don't have the stamps
You can also draw your own
parts, or use appropriate
images, that you can find in magazines etc/
Try one and please show me photos.
email me with any questions and
Ill do my best to help you
through it!!


Anonymous said...

They are just beautiful, Lill!

Valerie B. said...

Beautiful job Lillian. Love your colors!

Valerie B.

Sue Young said...

Lill...these are Gorgeous!!!I love love love them!I'm going to try it soon...don't have any body part stamps this for your Marie journals?????
Hope all is well with you up there!Here in illinois it's felt like Key Largo the last week....90o and humid...

Take care. XO Sue

Laura Haviland said...

Thank you so much Lillian, you made my week !! So nice to hear from you.
I think these art dolls are so full of imagination.
They are such fun,hope to see more little beauties?
Have a great day,Hugs Laura.xoxx
Thank you for sharing with me.

peggy gatto said...

These are delightful!!! I loved the ideas in your tutorial. Your ideas made these extra special!

BN Farrington said...

They are gorgeous! Wonderful work :O)

Von said...

I like the idea of using images from magazines :0 Love how you have put them together too

Mary R. said...

your art is great ...I love your paper dolls Lill just great!!


Earla said...

You have some beautiful things on you blog. You as talented with mixed media as you are with a paint brush!


Earla said...

You have some beautiful things on you blog. You as talented with mixed media as you are with a paint brush!


Peggy B said...

I love visiting your blog not only for the beautiful work you do but for all the helpful tips!!