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March 26, 2013

Birthday Cake and tags,Keys For Art Retreat 2013

                                                     Id like to forget  them ....BUT
                                                     Elena surprised  me again this year
                                                     with an awesome  Birthday cake

                                        Thanks so much Elena....BUT  dont do it again   LOL

                                                 My friends  made beautiful Tags for me
                                                             Daisys idea of a joke!!!!



                                                                  I love all of the tags
                                                             Very thoughtful of you all
                                                                    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 24, 2013

Keys for Art 2013 part 2

For the forth year,  ive had the privilege of attending
a wonderful Art Retreat , held in Key Largo  Florida.
Above photos show the party house where we stayed
Eileen took the photo and captured this  beautiful sunrise .
Elena, the best Host Ever showered all of us with her gifts and generosity.
Also the kind  and thoughtful Jacquie   helped make this a fabulous  escape for me
exactly what i needed .
THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to check out more photos and  projects ,
 Please visit my friend Eileens blog
She is so much more detailed in her posts  LOL
 she did such a wonderful job posting about all  our adventures
                          Group Photo
                      Heres some of the photos  that i took
                                                           Our wonderful Host   Elena

                            Our music  DJ  Jen  with Eileen  Pat and Teri  seen in the back ground.
                                           Pat and Eileen
                                           Karen and Teri
                                                          The lovely roomy

                                                    Carla   wonderful to meet her this year.
                            sweet  Sue
                    Below are some of the houses we made for Val
                      sorry i dont think i got them all. 

                                            Eileen taught this  Bird technique class....FUN!!!!


                                     I Pad cover i made from the Deli background i made on the
                                             Gelli Plates Elena gave us
                                                    Painted Birds I made in Eileens class
                                          My shoe....a great paper  collage class
                                            taught by Elena

                                          Below are  2 of the Tags  that we made from
                                           wonderful stamps Elena gave us