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March 26, 2013

Birthday Cake and tags,Keys For Art Retreat 2013

                                                     Id like to forget  them ....BUT
                                                     Elena surprised  me again this year
                                                     with an awesome  Birthday cake

                                        Thanks so much Elena....BUT  dont do it again   LOL

                                                 My friends  made beautiful Tags for me
                                                             Daisys idea of a joke!!!!



                                                                  I love all of the tags
                                                             Very thoughtful of you all
                                                                    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patzee said...

I love these birthday tags!

Prudence said...

What a warm and wonder Birthday! Congratulations! Yummy Cake :) Each Tag is WOW!!!! what a fun group of dear♥s,,,

Eileen Bellomo said...

So glad you showed the tags; I didn't get to see any but my own! I do hope you enjoyed our little birthday celebration. We can't ignore them regardless of our age. I mean, consider what not having birthdays means!