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June 15, 2012

Theres A NEW Girl In Town

Ok ..... can you stand more puppy pics?
I really cant help it
she is so cute !!!!
10 weeks old on  Tuesday
Raeven  has  gained 5 lbs

she now weighs 25 Ibs
Huge Paws !!!
stay tuned....Im sure there will be more puppy pics.
 I do plan to get some art done this weekend.

June 03, 2012

Im Back ..... With NEWS

Meet The New Puppy

I am  now  a proud owner of an 8 week old Black Russian Terrier
I have had my eye on this marvelous breed  for 2 years
and finally  she is really here..
Her Kennel name is
 BarentsNight Elayna Shining Light
and i named her Raeven
Raeven  slept well her first night  (so did I)
No whining  and  no fuss  till 5 :30 am
I couldnt believe how good she was.
Yesterday i met with the breeders
Tatiana and Doug Adams (info and photos  below)
They brought along another member of the family
Bella...2  1/2  years old, Black Russian Terrier.( A beautiful show winner)
Raeven  was very  happy in the car  on her ride home,  cuddled up to her toy,
a huge Bugs Bunny .
Today Raeven is getting use to her surroundings in her new  home  and
of course she is a bit mischevious ....just like an 8 week old puppy.
Its a bit like having a todler in the house....getting into everything.
She follows me everywhere and i laugh at the   sound of her paws
coming behind me....(she weighs 22 lbs)
Enjoy the photos and be sure to look at the website .
They have lots of interesting information  about this breed,
 Photos of  puppies and  their beautiful show dogs
Enjoy  !!!
Barents Night Kennel
Thankyou Doug and Tatiana for a beautiful puppy .

                                               Doug with the beautiful Bella 2   1/2 years old
                                                               Tatiana with Raeven
                          Raeven on the ride home

                                                 Raeven with her siblings

March 01, 2012

Board Book Round Robin Pages

                                 finished Lisa's pages in our Board book Round Robin on my group,

                                   I love to use birds in my art .  Lots of great texture here as well.

                                                Below are Jenn's pages for her Board Book

                                Next weekend we are on our way to an art retreat in Key Largo
                                                I used that theme in my pages to Jenn

February 25, 2012

Asian Journal Round Robin

                                              Completed pages for Valerie's Asian journal


                                                  Completed pages for Sue are below
                                                                   Lots of texture!
                                                            Hope you like them ladies
                                                                They were fun to do

Artistic Evolution Journals

the journal above  is for Sarah

This next one is for Carla
Hope you like them ladies.

February 09, 2012

Mixed Media Postcards

Postcards on textured mixed media backgrounds 

                                           I was having so much fun....I made them all different !
 These were made for   the
                                                            International Postcard swap

February 01, 2012

Its a Small World

recently worked on swaps for  my inchie group
 Inchie Row Houses

 Thrinchies   3 x 3

 Twinchies 2 x 2

 ATC with an inchie

 Inchies with French theme

Torn paper bag and Raffia

Inchies with French Theme

January 01, 2012

Custom Made

I took a brake from  my art ,and thouht id
show you something different today.
I think everyone knows how cold it gets here
in Northern Canada.
the last week its gone down to - 25,
of course it will get even colder.
We get lots of snow too... so  this year
Im ready for all that....
I have my new snow plow ready.