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January 01, 2012

Custom Made

I took a brake from  my art ,and thouht id
show you something different today.
I think everyone knows how cold it gets here
in Northern Canada.
the last week its gone down to - 25,
of course it will get even colder.
We get lots of snow too... so  this year
Im ready for all that....
I have my new snow plow ready.


Valerie B. said...

I think you should put runners on it with a little platform to stand on at the back and hitch up the dogs. LOL!!!

goodling4 said...

hey I am with Val! Great idea about the runner blades...I'll send up my big mountain dog to pull you along!

craftyM said...

I LOVE THIS! It's also hysterical! And if Gina sends her loving dog, Cash, to pull you along you have got it made. He alone is the size of a whole set of dogs pulling any sled!

Rae Ann said...

At least it won't have fuel expenses. LOL
Rae Ann O.

Socrates said...

Very clever! That sounds like it could even be fun!

Mary H said...

That is just so funny. Humor keeps us young.

bonniemon said...

L-O-L-funny! I'd love to put it on my Pinterest board "Made Me Laugh Out Loud"! Would that be OK?
Thanks for sharing it on your blog,

peggy gatto said...

you go girl!!!!!!!!
I just love seeing all your lovely art. you have a wonderful style!!