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June 15, 2012

Theres A NEW Girl In Town

Ok ..... can you stand more puppy pics?
I really cant help it
she is so cute !!!!
10 weeks old on  Tuesday
Raeven  has  gained 5 lbs

she now weighs 25 Ibs
Huge Paws !!!
stay tuned....Im sure there will be more puppy pics.
 I do plan to get some art done this weekend.

June 03, 2012

Im Back ..... With NEWS

Meet The New Puppy

I am  now  a proud owner of an 8 week old Black Russian Terrier
I have had my eye on this marvelous breed  for 2 years
and finally  she is really here..
Her Kennel name is
 BarentsNight Elayna Shining Light
and i named her Raeven
Raeven  slept well her first night  (so did I)
No whining  and  no fuss  till 5 :30 am
I couldnt believe how good she was.
Yesterday i met with the breeders
Tatiana and Doug Adams (info and photos  below)
They brought along another member of the family
Bella...2  1/2  years old, Black Russian Terrier.( A beautiful show winner)
Raeven  was very  happy in the car  on her ride home,  cuddled up to her toy,
a huge Bugs Bunny .
Today Raeven is getting use to her surroundings in her new  home  and
of course she is a bit mischevious ....just like an 8 week old puppy.
Its a bit like having a todler in the house....getting into everything.
She follows me everywhere and i laugh at the   sound of her paws
coming behind me....(she weighs 22 lbs)
Enjoy the photos and be sure to look at the website .
They have lots of interesting information  about this breed,
 Photos of  puppies and  their beautiful show dogs
Enjoy  !!!
Barents Night Kennel
Thankyou Doug and Tatiana for a beautiful puppy .

                                               Doug with the beautiful Bella 2   1/2 years old
                                                               Tatiana with Raeven
                          Raeven on the ride home

                                                 Raeven with her siblings