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March 01, 2009

Hand Crafted Book

This book was made for me by a dear friend named Cynthia Schelzig from Germany. She is a water colour artist and she makes her own hand-made paper, which is used in this journal. Thank you so much Cynthia !!!


Cynthia said...

Hi Lill, well this was a surprise
seeing the book here!! Maybe I can give you some links for bookbinding
sites here,,,since my emails don´t go through.

tracy said...

I love your pages. As usual your work is wonderful.

cynthia said...

hilill,here are th sites i tried to eamailyou over a dozen times now. to art tutorials and techniques at the bottom and click on mixedmedia...there is a tutorial for an arttist journal
maybe now the links finally made it to you...but i think that someday all of sudden your email will be full of the emails that i mailed you in the last 2 weeks.
take care, CYN

Iowa Sunshine said...

Wow! That is just gorgeous. I've been wanting to make a journal but i just can't get it started. It's like i have a mental block. I want to have one in my purse so i can keep track of things when we go to the smokies this year(hope). I like your things. Very creative!