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April 10, 2011

New grandbaby soon

This is my future daughter in law Glenna
Her 2 boys Alex and Jacob
Dereks son, Kobe is to the right.
My new grandbaby is over due. This will be my # 10.

They live an hour north of me
They dont have an obstetrician in their town
so normally they would come here to
New Liskeard for the birth....
However their dr decides to go on holiday
Glenna went into labor yesterday so they
had to send her to Timmins
which is almost 3 hours north of them.
I just couldnt believe that !!!!
any way labor had stopped by this morning
and they sent her back home
so we are waiting.....


Janet Ghio said...

Awesome video!! Hope your grandbaby comes soon!!

Elena said...

10!!! Lord have mercy!!! And I thought I had a lot now that Kristina is pregnant with the third!! You have a beautiful family Lil! Let us know when the baby arrives!

teri said...

#10??? You are prolific! What a beautiful photo.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wow Nr. 10....that is something!
I wish her luck,,,three hrs. away and they send her home...good grief!! Please let us all know when the little one is born.

goodling4 said...

What a beautiful family, Lill. And congrats on being a Grandma...almost 10 times over..Do you have a new baby yet?
New thought.
Your little pkg is on it's way from
XXO Gina