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June 07, 2011

my trip south

Painting # 1
complete with wrap around frame
that Esa also constructs.
Esa and Maila
Esa and my Jenn

painting # 2
needs more tweeking
and the frame is not on yet

well im rested up a little so i can share my trip south
to Kitchener and then to Port Colborne Ontario ( Canada)
On Friday , my beautiful niece Jenn
picked me up and we went to the Art House
in Kitchener ...what a nice store...
Ill have to go back there for sure !!!
Saturday morning we left Kitchener at 6:45 am
for the drive to Port Colbourne and to Esa's studio.
I think there were 12 of us that morning....
We experience the wildest thunderstorm i have ever been in the middle of
The studio was hit with lightning coming through the electicle outlet in the midst of us.
Luckily nothing else in Esa,s house or studio were damaged.
But brave souls that we were (NOT)
we continued on ...
(We could see the lightning through the skylights)
The power went out for about 2 hours and no one went out for lunch LOL
which was ok because Esa's wife Maila provides the most endless scrumptious food
(snacks she calls it all )
We completed one painting that day,
Esa will not let you leave till the majority of it is finished.

Day two ,Sunday ...was a little less exciting (no storms)
10 of us that day but wonderful as well , as we worked on another painting.

Esa is a fabulous teacher very kind and a real sweetheart
the best teacher i have encountered.
Maila is equally kind and generous .
They both make sure you are well taken care of....
Together they make a fabulous team !!!!
I hope if you ever get a chance to take classes with him
you take advantage of the experience will enjoy it.
We will be going back for more as soon as we can..


Tolegranny said...

Love the paintings. I always enjoyed Esa's classes.

Jan M said...

Lillian, I love the paintings! I love painting with Esa. Glad you enjoyed your visit with TG, now you know why I go there every chance I get.

Elena said...

I've never heard of them before but they sound wonderful! And you sound like you had a fabulous time!! I'm so glad.

teri said...

You've been very busy, Lil. I loved seeing your photos and enjoying your trip "with" you.

Anonymous said...

It sounds and looks like a fantastic trip. And I couldn't believe it, but I actually "know" Tole Granny from the ATT yahoo group. She is a sweetheart.
Small world, huh?

lee said...

s'cuse caps

inge said...

Hello Lillian,

I "know " Tolegranny too ! If she's the same person as on ATT, she commented on my blog also several times !

Can you show us the envelopbook you made with her ?

The paintings are gorgeous: I like the second one the most. I love the trees with the birds in it.
Wow, this is something I CAN'T !
Never heard of Esa and Maisa too, but when I see your paintings, they sure are great teachers !!

greetings from belgium

craftyM said...

Beautiful Lill.....I've seen many variations of painted edges and frames and I always love to see those. So cool. Beautiful work, my friend!

Therese said...

Wonderful painting!! I really love the birch trees and the cardinals!!
What a great time - visiting on line friends and doing art!!


Yogi said...

Love the one with the white trees. That one pops.

As to uploading photos: always start with the last one first, working backwards, so the last one you upload becomes the first one. Takes a bit of thinking... Or if you don't do that, just have the option when you upload of "no alignment", then you can drag and drop them where you want and use the text alignment feature. Hope this helps