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August 28, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

This is my favorite find of the year !!!!
A Bates numbering machine
circa 1906 (as far as ican find out)
The first Bates Stamping machine
was invented in 1892 by the
Bates Manufacturing Company in NJ.
It was advertised as the first
automatic Bates numbering machine
ever to be created. Each time the machine was pressed down
onto a sheet of paper, a rotating wheel incremented by one.
Pages were numbered using a six-digit sequence.
For example, page 852 in a document set would be 000852.
Courts and law firms quickly adopted this system
My husband is cleaning it up now so Im
hoping i can use it in my art.
Im so excited about this find!!!!!!


Socrates said...

Fabulous. What fun! I hope hubby gets it to work.

inge said...

Hello Lillian,

What a great find ! I never saw something like this : first thought it was a date-stamp but it's more special !

I like the story behind finds like that !

I wouldn't use it... just get it in my cabinet with my other stuff like old datestamps, inks, ..:)

But if it could work and you can "stamp " with it then I would use it, but not altering it or something like that...

greetings from belgium

Patzee said...

What a chunk of history you found! I have used a numbering stamp. Very cool to see a vintage one!

teri said...

Oh what fun! I miss garage sales here in NY but I've heard there are some great flea markets that I want to see. You found some wonderful things!

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

oh oh.....I definitely remember using one of these...guess I'm old1!!!

lee said...

Great find! Well done fellow scavenger!

KAT said...

That is a really awesome find!

Seth said...

Great find. This is very cool.

Georgee said...

Awesome I love it!!!

bohemiannie! art said...

Love your Garage Sale Saturday posts! I moved to Colombia, South America and there just aren't any yard sales here. More than ANYthing, I can't wait for my trips back to the States just to go yard saleing. I'm so happy you get to go!

TheaM said...

I have a Bates numbering machine also... my husband keeps trying to throw it out!!!
I think the Bates machines are wonderful!