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February 04, 2013

A Little Bit Of Asia ,Journal Pages

Finished these
for the Artistic Evolution journal ,
round robin pages for
my friend ,
 Ali  from England.
Mailed  them out today .


Elena said...

GORGEOUS background!! And i LIVE that Asian doll!!!! I need to look at my Suzie vidos again! I LOVE THESE DOLLS!!

craftyM said...

OH OH OH... she got my little girl in her book! I am SO JEALOUS!!!! And that background is AMAZING as ever! Your backgrounds are the best EVER ALWAYS! Can I come to your studio and just do backgrounds for a week? OMG!

teri said...

That little geisha is so sweet, Lil! And I love the background colors and patterns.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pages - love the colours and the geisha on the bottom pages.

Caatje said...

Sweet pages! I love the backgrounds.