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May 24, 2011

new Journal pages

These are for Inge in Belgium
(Evolution Journal )
aaaahhhhhh ....back in my comfort zone!!!!


Elena said...

What gorgeous pages Lil!!! Those backgrounds are amazing!

lee said...

These are Fabulous! Wonderful work!

Elle said...

Incredibly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Inge will love them for sure.

craftyM said...

Background colors are gorgeous, painting is beautiful and I love the images, and the edge, too!! hmmm seems I like it ALL! :-)

inge said...

Hello Lillian,

I think Eileen starts to getting to know me :)

YES, I like your pages !

I love all the colors you used on the background. I really like colorful ! I like the effect you did on the left page too : how did you do this one ?

It's great that you took the art to Paris : I really like a lot of the artists who lived in Paris and surroundings in the beginning of 1900.
Great image of the woman you used.

Thanks !!

Tolegranny said...

These are fabulous, Lillian.

Sue Young said...

Just beautiful,Lil! Ing a is going to love them!

goodling4 said...

perfection, and yes, you shine in your comfort zone!