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May 12, 2011

Painted enamel jug

The Commissioner
Of the Ontario Provincial Police
asked me to paint this jug.
They will fill it with water from Lake Temagami.
(Temagami, Ontario, Canada )
It will be used to christen
their new police boat
they wont break the jug
The jug will go to the museum
after the event.


Julie said...

wow! It turned out beautiful Lil!

tracyozzie said...

Absolutley beautiful. you rock Lil.

Tolegranny said...

Lovely Lillian.

Barbara DeLisle said...

So Beautiful

Elena said...

Lillian! That came out GORGEOUS! And you did it so fast!! Great job!

Autumn Light Designs said...

Beautiful! What an honor to be asked to create something and then have it go into the museum.

The Vintage Dresser said...

This turned out wonderful Lillian! So glad to hear they won't be breaking it!

Sue Young said...

Is there no end to your talent,woman??EH???????
This is beautiful Lill!!!!!!!congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Lill! You are too damn talented. Your art deserves to be in a museum! Congratulations!

teri said...

Wow, Lil. This is truly a masterpiece! I had no idea you had these skills. Bravo!

Caatje said...

Impressive! It's so hard to paint something that's not flat too.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh Lillian your jug turned out beautiful. I love it. So representative of your area. You should be very proud.